Code4Mobile is a full service development and IT integration firm specializing in portable device based software.

We can put enterprise quality expertise to work for you by leveraging our twenty plus years of experience creating software for Fortune 1000 corporations like IBM, American Express, Office Depot, Coldwell Banker, Mattel, and more.  From handheld application development services to enterprise level software that handles millions of transactions per day with no down time, Code4Mobile can help you succeed with your software dependent initiatives.

DiceBox Deluxe for Android™

DiceBox Deluxe is an easy to use and feature filled dice rolling simulator. Featuring an easy to use realistic interface with fast response. Presets, modifiers, selectable color, and any-sided die provide a mix of style and functionality for role-playing games like dungeons and dragons D&D and RPG games.

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Sound Droid Audio Apps for Android™

Sound Droid is a Mobile App Brand of Apps Developed by Code4Mobile. Sound Droid featured apps include high-quality, individually customized, sound effects created to get reactions, provide instruction for learning and/or enhance the quality of your daily life.

All Sound Droids feature exclusive preview and play setups which are designed for ease of interaction and creative useability in all modes of operation. These unique apps include professional designed interfaces and are powered by an exclusive high-quality audio performance engine.

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DiceBox for Android™

DiceBox is an easy to use and powerful dice rolling simulator. Featuring rapid response, user friendly inteface, realistic dice roll results and life-like appearance this on the go app is ideal for pencil and paper roleplayers, classic dice game gamblers, odds obsessed mathematicians and all others world-wide looking to roll some dice wherever and whenever desired.

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Code4Mobile Develops Applications for:

symbian os
windows mobile